Santa Poo is coming

Oh no, soon its Christmas and you haven’t bought the first Christmas gift yet. Don’t get stressed, just use Santa Poo’s wishing list and you have gifts for the hole family and friends.

The Wishing List

A pair of pink hand grenade soaps for your grandpa
The great game Shithead for your best friend
Koala Poo Earrings for your sweetheart
The Turd twister for the kids
The Beauty Smile Trainer for your boss
A Jumpsuit duster for the Baby
The Zombie Survival Kit for your neurotic brother
A Shit Box for your incontinent grandma
The Fisticup for your dad

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Make your day and get yourself a "Shit Box"

Neurotic, OCD, or just scared of puplic Toilets?
Then get yourself a “Shit Box”.
"Read More"
Internet Business
Do you want to make big money through the Internet? Wanna be rich, then "read more..."

The Biogas Home System

This is Home Business with Mr. Poo. Make money while sitting on the toilet. Go green with the Biogas Home System, Mr. Poo will show you how to do. Read more...
The LEGO Concentration Camp. Your kids will learn about the holocaust while playing with LEGO. Read more

Mustard Marvin

Invite Marvin to your next party, and he will vomit mustard on your burger.
Don’t panic, take it easy. Now you don’t have to worry about any zombie attacks anymore. It’s just a question of being prepared.

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