Send some poop

Don’t get mad, get even!
Somebody pissed you off? Fired from your job? Out for revenge? Then don’t be mad for days. Tell that person how mad you are. Don’t say it in words, but with poo. Poo is much stronger than words. Yeah, send that person a box with dog poop Uhhhh… worried it will have some consequences. Don’t worry, you can send it 100% anonymous. How? Just let a company do it for you. The websites and offers to send boxes of dung to your enemies. If you like, you can include a message, of course also totally anonymous.


Make your day and get yourself a "Shit Box"

Neurotic, OCD, or just scared of puplic Toilets?
Then get yourself a “Shit Box”.
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Internet Business
Do you want to make big money through the Internet? Wanna be rich, then "read more..."

The Biogas Home System

This is Home Business with Mr. Poo. Make money while sitting on the toilet. Go green with the Biogas Home System, Mr. Poo will show you how to do. Read more...
The LEGO Concentration Camp. Your kids will learn about the holocaust while playing with LEGO. Read more

Mustard Marvin

Invite Marvin to your next party, and he will vomit mustard on your burger.
Don’t panic, take it easy. Now you don’t have to worry about any zombie attacks anymore. It’s just a question of being prepared.

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