Let´s play Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Let’s play Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, is one of the most famous slasher films ever and has significantly influenced the horror genre.
For those who don’t know the movie, here is a brief summary.

Actually it’s a horror franchise consisting of six slascher movies. The first was released in 1974. Told shortly, is the movie about a cannibal family, “The Hewitt family” living out in the wilderness somewhere in Texas. It’s a kind of “Road Trip” movie. Some young people are traveling through Texas and of course they end up in the kitchen of family Hewitt where they are processed to chili and barbecue. One of the main characters, and the most famous, is Thomas Brown Hewitt, alias Leatherface, a mentally retarded family member, known for wearing a leather mask he’s making out of human skin by slicing off the face of the victims he has killed. In all six movies there is a lot of cutting, sawing and screaming. What do you expect from a movie with the title “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

You are a fan of horror and slasher movies, then I’m sure you’ve seen them all. So what’s next, you gonna ask yourself. You are looking forward to a new movie? Stop waiting and start playing. Have a little bit of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” at work, at home and on the run.

Let’s play Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

And here is a top 10 List of items you need, to play Texas Chainsaw Massacre anytime and anywhere.

# 1 The Leatherface Mask

You can’t play Texas Chainsaw Massacre without wearing the Leatherface mask. It doesn’t matter if you are at work, in the shopping center or in the waiting room at your dentist. If you feel like playing, wear the mask.

#2 The Chainsaw

No Texas Chainsaw without a chainsaw. This original Leatherface Chainsaw Halloween prop is inclusive sound effect. So you don’t have to run around and say “Aeee..ae..ae..ae..ae..eehhhhh”. You sound like a fool when you are doing this.

#3 TCM screen grabs

This nice screen grabs shows Leatherface slaughtering one of his victims. It will make a nice decoration on the nightstand in your bedroom. Girls like this stuff. And you can play with it when your girlfriend has the menses.

#4 A Leatherface action figure

Actually there is a big variety of Leatherface action figures. This is one of my favorite. You should always carry it with you, so you can play when you are bored, e.g. when you are waiting for the bus. Remember to wear the mask.

#5 TCM screen grabs from “The Beginning”

Here we got Leatherface, without mask, in process of preparing a barbecue. This action figure will look great on your desk at work. Play with it during lunchtime or take it with you to a boring meeting (or “meating” hahaha).

#6 The TCM Buffet Platter

Your parents in law come to stay or your wife invite some of her friends over for dinner. This sounds boring. Spice up your boring society with the Texas Chainsaw Buffet Platter. Serve dinner on this platter, and let your guest be part in your funny game. You better wear the mask.

#7 TCM Welcome to Travis County Sign

And before your company arrives, you better place this Texas Chainsaw Massacre sign at the front door. The pointing hand will show your guests the way to the ultimate party. And I’m sure they will love to play with you.

#8 The Leatherface Chalice Glass Cup

And if you want your party (or your wife’s party) to be a completed masterpiece, you better serve red vine in those charming Leatherface glass cups.

#9 TCM Leatherface Mini Bust

This gorgeous Mini Bust of Leatherface will make a lovely table decoration on your dining table. You can decorate it with flowers and candles if your wife doesn’t like it.

#10 Sheriff Hoyt Action Figure

Last but not least, Sheriff Hoyt. You can’t play Texas Chainsaw Massacre without Sheriff Hoyt. Actually it’s not Sheriff Hoyt, but Charlie Hewitt, Leatherface’s bigger brother, who killed Sheriff Hoyt and afterwards took on the identity of the sheriff.

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dyeve March 25, 2010 at 12:19 PM  

I'm agree with no.6 especially :P and after I will finish this "job":P..I will drink a wine from the cup of my Victory wich is no.6.

Great post! Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous,  April 23, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

Hahaha let´s play, thats a great game

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