The Demotivational Poster

A demotivational poster is a parody of the motivational poster that commonly is designed for use in schools and offices. Ever tried to google the word “demotivational”? Thousands of funny, provoking and dirty motivational demotivational poster will pop up. It really has become an internet meme. Even on an episode of The Simpsons a motivational poster did appear. I have been surfing the internet for hours, just to find the best demotivational posters for you. Now I got a headache, and don’t like to see anymore of those posters.

Check out the Demotivational Rock Bottom video

Here are my top 10.

 My favorite demotivational poster is and will always be the "Ninjas, they are everywhere"poster. Found on Photobucket

 The Fat Emo demotivational poster. And he´s not the obly Emo you will find on a demotivational poster. Found on questionabletopic.wordpress

And you will find many hobos on demotivational posters. Here is one of them. Found on Motivateusnot

 Actually there are many Ninja demotivational posters. So, here is one more. Found on Motifake

Geeks and demotivational posters fits like a glove on hand. Found on demotivated.mediarift

 Time to look for a new job. A demotivational poster about laziness. Found on Photobucket

 I can`t help it. The Ninja demotivational posters are the best. Found on Fakeposters

  And here one of the many "safety first" demotivational posters. Found on Motifake

Demotivational posters can even be sad. The Truth, sometimes it hurts, found on Motifake.

See how easy it is. My own creation. The Mr.Poo demotivational poster.

And why not sell this crap. Amazon is full of demotivational stuff.
You can get....

150 demotivational posters in one book

Do sugar-coated lies and cliché photos actually motivate you to do better? Of course not!

If you want to get ahead in life, you need to know how things really work. You need posters that reveal the cold, hard truth. You need to be demotivated.

By offering demotivational messages accompanied by ridiculous images, the author turns the motivational message upside down with very funny results. Faux versions of the kitschy motivational poster are already a wildly popular Internet phenomenon, but never have they been done with such savage humor as in this book. The author offers a variety of entertaining options, such as a baseball player eating dirt while missing a fly ball paired with the caption "Humiliation: There's no Point Trying, You Just Look Ridiculous." Another poster pairs a distressed surgeon with, "Failure: Sometimes it is a Matter of Life and Death."


Sorcerer July 1, 2011 at 7:16 AM  

back here after a long time..

The posters are soo awesome..
thanks for sharing buddy

Pedro,  August 5, 2011 at 7:29 PM  

Hahahaha esses poster são tão engraçados!!!!

hahahaha these posters are so funny!!!! But we not have so much in portuguese brazil

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