Shit Happens

Can you use the phrase
“shit happens” to defend yourself in court?

“Shit happens”. The phrase is often used when the inevitable (bad things) happen in life for no particular reason, without being able to circumvent or stop it. But for some fools it’s an expression to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Like those pansies, who put a “Shit happens” sticker on their bumper, to justify their stupidity of driving skills.
So, if this expression really justify somebody’s actions, is it then possible, to use the phrase “Shit happens” in a trial? Let’s have a look at some serial killer, who might have been acquitted on all charges, if they had used the phrase “Shit happens”

Charles Manson, charged for murder and conspiracy. Guilty or “shit happens”?
OK, look this guy in the eyes and tell me. I will say, “shit happens” is out of the question in that case. Why? Because Manson’s prediction of “Helter Shelter”, a apocalyptic prophecy of a racial war, that inspired his family members in killing people, is not the same as stepping in dogshit.
The term “Helter Shelter” was from a Beatles song. Manson felt a connection to Beatles songs and used the interpreted lyrics from Beatles songs in his preach to his members. Manson’s connection to the Beatles songs, might be a “Shit happens”, cause, how many of us did listen to a Beatles song, and I believe, without killing somebody.

Robert “Willie” Pickton, a Canadian pig farmer, convicted for murders of six women and charged in the deaths of twenty women, whose bodies were butchered in the slaughterhouse of his pig farm, many of them prostitutes and drug addicts. But Robert P. confessed in prison to an undercover police officer, that he killed 49 women and wanted to make it an even 50. Some evidence that was found by the police, included two women's heads, hands and parts of their feet stuffed in buckets in a workshop freezer on Pickton's farm.
It was revealed, that human flesh may have been ground up and mixed with pork from the farm. This pork was never distributed commercially, but was handed out to friends and visitors of the farm and other was served at barbecues during the big partys at “Piggy's Palace”. Another claim made, is that he grounded up the victims bodies in a wood chipper and fed the meat to his pigs.
This case smells like shit, but “shit happens” will never excuse for Willies bad behaviour that already started in the early `80s. Those who tasted Willies “mixed up meat”, might say “shit happens”. Maybe even YOU got some of Willies pork meat! But the only thing you can do about it, is to say “Shit happens”.

John Wayne Gacy, also known as the “Killer Clown” and “Pogo the Clown”, because he was entertaining children in a clown suit, at community gatherings and in hospitals for children. He was convicted and later executed for the rape and murders of 33 boys in the early `70s until his arrest in 1978.
27 bodies he buried in the crawl space under the floor of his house till he ran out of space. The last bodies were found in the local river.
Actually Gacy pleaded “not guilty” using the phrase “shit happens”. He didn’t use exactly these words. He claimed that all 33 murders were accidental deaths as part of erotic asphyxia. That’s almost to claim that shit happens. But it didn’t save him from the execution. That he was a real Clown he proved by joking during the trial: “The only thing that I was guilty of, was running a cementry without a license”. Oh Gacy, that’s even worse than saying “Shit happens”. While he was being sent to the execution chamber, he said his last words "kiss my ass". But not even these words saved him from the execution.

The Conclusion
I could continue with all kind of serial killers, but the conclusion will be the same; You can’t use the phrase “shit happens” to defend yourself in court. You’re wondering how I know so much about these cases. You may be thinking, this smartass must have a PhD in criminology and criminal justice. Bullsh#t, you can’t get this knowledge in school. Watch DVD`s. Here is a list of DVD´s I used to build up my knowledge.


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