Zombie Calendars 2012

2012... and they will come… realy!

I know, I told everybody there will be a zombie apocalypse in 2011. They didn’t come, sorry. The only zombie I saw, was myself in the mirror after drinking a cheap bottle of scotch. But believe me, 2012 the walking dead will be over us. There are even more zombie calendars 2012 than in 2011, and why should they sell all those zombie calendars, if no zombie gonna by them. I will tell my shrink he can put the pills up his ass, cause I’m not paranoid!

THEY WILL COME!!! … Ha ha ha... hi.. hu…

The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition 2012. A 12 Month Calendar featuring the
hottest girls to ever crawl from the grave! The Year of the Dead: Swimsuit Edition 2012 Calendar is like none you have seen before. It features the sexiest, most grotesque dead girls to ever claw their way out of the grave. Have a look inside the calendar on Amazon, Miss July is hot.

This is a brand new Sealed Zombie Smarts 2012 Desk Calendar
. All photos in this calendar are high quality and high resolution. Not pixilated Knock-Off's. Hang it on your wall at home or work and be surrounded by your favorite Zombie images thru the end of 2012!

When there's no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth. Fortunately they're sexy pinup zombies. This 12" X 12" wall calendar features 13 beautiful zombies over 16 months. Great for lovers of the undead. See larger image on Amazon.

From freshly dead to downright rotten. Gorgeous & Gory has dug up 12 of the sexiest undead darlings for the 2012 Zombie Pinup Calendar! Get started planning for the apocalypse.

Start 2012 in true zombie fashion! This full-color Zombies 2012 Calendar features horrifyingly gorgeous zombie art by acclaimed artists Arthur Suydam, Lucio Parrillo, Sean Phillips, and more!

Enjoy the new year in style with this 2012 Zombie 13 Month Wall Calendar. Full color artwork will make sure you see all the guts, gore and blood in eye popping perfection.The new year will never be the same again!

The walking dead have never been so creepy, so disgusting, and so much fun. William Stout, production designer for the cult classic movie Return of the Living Dead, has created 12 new zombie images for this totally gruesome and completely cheeky calendar. Fans will relish such art as Leper-chaun Zombie, Back-to-School Zombie, and Easter Bunny Zombie, carrying its basketful of pastel-colored brains. Zombie factoids and important dates in zombie history are included on each full-color monthly spread of the Zombies: 2012 Wall Calendar.

This 16 Month Wall Calendar from the Walking Dead TV show. Calendar starts at September 2011 and goes till Dec. 2012. Features shot and Characters from the show.

Lookout--the zombies are coming! This calendar features zombies in all their creepy, gory glory as they pursue their human prey. With art from James Ryman, this calendar makes it easy to see why these slow-walking, flesh-craving creatures have captured the fascination of a whole new generation. Zombies 2012 Calendar

"They're coming to get you, Barbara!" --Night of the Living Dead (1968)
From voodoo legends to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Dawn of the Dead, zombies have been one of the most popular and fascinating nightmares in popular culture. This all-new daily Zombie Calendar gathers everything you'd ever want to know about the undead in one ultimate package, including facts, myths, quotes, and stories.
Covering every great example of the genre, Zombies: Facts, Myths, Quotes, and Stories from Every Attack 2012 Day-to-Day Calendar unearths the best from George Romero to World War Z, 28 Days Later, and The Walking Dead.

2012 and they are still walking among us. Every zombie is attracted to this calendar. Official Friends TV Calendar 2012. Get it, before they do.


Farila November 20, 2011 at 6:01 PM  

After playing the game Plants vs Zoombies, I don't find your blog very weird LOL

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