LEGO Concentration Camp

“Mummy, I want the LEGO Concentration Camp for Christmas.”
Don’t worry. This set is not available in “” or other toy companies and has never been produced by LEGO. It’s just one of Zbigniew Libera’s provocative type of art. from the polish artist Zbigniew Libera. The polish artist’s controversial work from 1996 is a seven box limited edition consisting of three LEGO concentration camp sets. It includes the main concentration camp, with inmates behind barbed wire and one inmate being hanged. Another box contains a crematorium with three chimneys and a corpse being carried out of the gassing room. On Raster, an independent art space in Warsaw, you can see more photos of the LEGO concentration camp set. One of the sets can be seen at the Jewish Museum in New York Have also a look at “You can shave the baby” another critical art from Zbigniew Libera.


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The LEGO Concentration Camp. Your kids will learn about the holocaust while playing with LEGO. Read more

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