Beauty smile trainer

Need help for a brighter smile?

Do you hate your job? But you need it! You are an underpaid slave? You have to handle arrogant costumers, and the rule nr. 1, the costumer is king! Even the costumer is a pain in the ass, you got to smile. Is that possible? Yes it is. It’s coming from Japan and it’s called the “Beauty smile trainer”. Actually, it’s a rubber stick you put into your mouth. It sounds so simple, but it will give you a bright smile, even you had a shitty day.
To all waitresses, shoe salesman, hotel manager, secretaries, fast food and counter workers out there. Put the rubber stick in your mouth and continue doing your hard work with a big smile in the face :)


Farila September 28, 2009 at 9:08 AM  

That really made me smile even without that rubber stick in my mouth LOL

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