The perfect Halloween Party

You want to invite your friends to a Halloween party. It has to be scary and a party they’ll never forget in their life. So forget all about buying paperboard ghosts and skeletons and don’t use your never mind hopeless creativity on carving pumpkins, unless you accidently cut your finger of, then use it as decoration. You do not want, that your friends tell you, it was a nice party. Ohhh no, they have to scream and let you know, it was the worst nightmare they ever have experienced. Here is a top 10 list, things that shouldn’t be missing for a perfect celebration for the most terrifying offensive outrageous shocking Halloween party.

No Halloween party without a female Zombie decapitated head decoration. Hiding it in the toilet will always make a heart attack shocking surprise. Sold by Amok Time on Amazon.

A baby don’t fit into a Halloween party. So, if you have a baby, then leave it at your babysitter and change it out with this little fella. Sold by Morris Costume Shop on Amazon

If you have teenager kids, send them to the neighbors, they will just ruin your party. Get instead Evil Annie, she is a real party prop, and she’s no vegetarian.

This Latex foam filled full size prop Zombie head will make a nice decoration on your dining table. Decorate it with salad and cover it before serving. Sold by Morris Costume Shop on Amazon.

Life sized Zombie Prop Halloween decoration is great for garden decoration. Place it at the front door. Sold by Morris Costume Shop on AmazonSearch for distortions unlimited.

They are so sweet the kids in their costumes when they are knocking on your door for candy. But it can be annoying running to the door all the time. You need a helper. This life sized Zombie Stand, holding a hat with candy, will do the job. Sold by Distortions Unlimite on Amazon.

If money is no issue I recommend investing in Krazy Kristen. Includes movement controls, digital sound, amp and speaker. You just need an air compressor and AC power and she will thrash side to side, forward and backward in an extremely violent manner with creepy talk. Sold by Costumes4Less on Amazon.

Body in Body bag! If you have a walk-in fridge, a great place to hang. Otherwise in the shower, will it make a nice surprise. You don’t want your guests to find a place to hide from all the horror in your house. Sold by Costumes4Less on Amazon.

What I hate about being a party host is that somebody always ends up sleeping in your bed. Oh, if they just would sleep…. So if you don’t want to sleep in other peoples body fluids, hide Scary Carrie under the duvet. Sold by Costumes4Less on Amazon.

The lower half of the Creeping Zombie has been ripped away, but it’s still hungry. Sold by Morris Costume Shop on Amazon.

Still not satisfied? Then have a look at the crazy stuff from Distortions Unlimite.


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Mustard Marvin

Invite Marvin to your next party, and he will vomit mustard on your burger.
Don’t panic, take it easy. Now you don’t have to worry about any zombie attacks anymore. It’s just a question of being prepared.

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