Zombie Calendars 2011

2011... and they will come

Ok, 2010 is soon over, and they are still not among us. Or are they? Zombies, I’m talking about Zombies. I haven’t seen them yet, but I know they will come soon, and if not in 2010, then in 2011. Why I’m so sure? I was looking for a 2011 calendar, and then I saw them… the calendars for the zombies. Why should they sell all those calendars if no Zombies will be in 2011, Ha.., you see, I’m right. I´m not paranoid. THEY WILL COME!!!

Hey, 2011 is soon over, what you need is the zombie calendar 2012!

They are lovely, they are hot, they are zombies. Zombie Pin Up Calendar 2011

Zombies - We want your brain, by Artist William Stout who created one of film's most gruesomely famous zombies for the 1985 cult classic Return of the Living Dead

Fold-Your-Own Zombie: 2011 Wall Calendar Create twelve detailed 3-D zombie models. Punch out the pieces of paper corpses entombed in a handy pocket at the back of the calendar, then fold them into gruesome walking dead zombies.

Zombies 2011: The Year of Infection 2011 Wall Calendar is a breathtaking, thrilling chronicle of a zombie apocalypse. Follow Dr. Robert Twomblys journey as he heads north, where he hopes the undead will be slowed by the colder climate.

Zombies 2011 Wall Calendar by James Ryman features illustrations of zombies in all of their evil, horrific brilliance flesh decaying beauty.

The official Zombie Survival Calendar and Field Manual will be your guide to all things zombie. Are Zombies Real? Do the Walking Dead really exist? The 16 month wall calendar will help you with tips and knowledge that will be important when Zombies rule the world.

Bad Zombie's Gorgeous and Gory 2011 Zombie Pinup Calendar. The bloodiest beauties are crawling out of the debris and onto 12 titillating pages of post-apocalyptic planning in this limited edition calendar!

Walking Dead 2011 Calendar by Image Comics. Yeah, they even read comics, unbelievable!

With zombie action, classic romance, and gruesome decapitations all year long, this calendar features original full-color illustrations and quotes from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Psycho Nurse! The 2011 Psycho Donuts 13-Month Calendar. Ok, it’s not a calendar with zombies, but I think they gonna like them.

Betty White 2011 Wall Calendar. Unbelievable, is she still alive?


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