Terror in Legoland

Lego, epitome for creativity and for being an educative and constructive toy for small people. But what if your child doesn’t want to be creative and constructive? Maybe it wants to be like daddy; destructive, violent and drunk. Ok, let’s skip the “drunk”. Children imitate what they see and that’s how they learn to interact with the society. When your child sees war, violence and terror in the television, it wants to imitate it. If you live in a neighborhood which is characterized by crime, gangs and drugs, your child need toys that is adapted to this environment. Your child plays with Lego, but can’t mimic the scenarios of the environment with the current Lego collection! With the Lego accessories below, you can customize your child’s play with the ambient conditions.
If you are shocked and outraged about the customized Lego accessories, don’t blame Lego. The accessories are not a part of the Lego assortment, but made by a Company named “Brickarms”

  Get a modern combat weapons set for your Lego figures, and dress them like this little terrorist.
And you cant do without grenades. And you get those 25 grenades from Brickarms in a smart box.

Let your child play WWII. It just need some german Lego soldiers. Brickarms got a lot of them.

And don´t mess around with this little fella, he got a baseball bat.

Wanna buy a Uzi? This little dealer offers a Uzi in a briefcase.

With this Rocket launcher from Brickarms you can blow up your Lego cars.

Shotguns are always good. And this little badass guy can handle two of them.

Is it possible to play Rambo with Lego? Of course, you just need a Lego Rambo figure and this Brickarms AK47 LMG.

This tough guy is holding a Brickarms Xeno Pulse rifle as seen in Aliens. Sure this will kill some Lego aliens.

This Lego mafioso Scarface lookalike with his Tommy Gun will complete the collection.
Not satisfied. Don´t worry, there are much more weapons and figures on brickarms.com and on amazon.


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