Say it with doo

Say it with Doo
A Poem by Mr.Poo

Don’t say it with flowers

Your workmate has been sick for a while
Lies in a hospital without a smile
Mobbing did make him smoke crack
Sending flowers won’t bring him back
Let him know how much you care
With a doo card, empathy you will declare

Don’t say it with words

Your sweetheart left you in anger
Ran away with a Texas Ranger
Now you want her back
Just don’t get a panic attack
Writing a letter you believe will be nice
Sending a doo card is my advice

Don’t say it with candles

Oh no, soon it’s valentine
You want it sweet like plum wine
A special surprise you need
And a very special indeed
She likes candle dinner in Peru
You better give her a card with doo

Don’t say it with cake

It’s your friends’ birthday
You remember after days of delay
Plagued by bad conscience
Wanna get back the confidence
A cake he will throw into the front yard
So you better send him a doo card

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Farila February 6, 2010 at 8:53 AM  

No way... I may never find a shitty enough person to send this to... LOL . I wonder how you find such crap?

Derek Bowles February 9, 2010 at 10:48 PM  

This is brilliant. It will make any women worth her salt swoon!

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