Brainiac Sonic Grenade

How often do you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock in the morning? I know, I know, you are not the only one. And when you have kids it’s much worse. When you finally get out of bed, it’s the kids turn. How often do you have to tell them to stand up? I’m sure it’s not done with once. And it is easier to revive a dead man than getting a teenager out of the bed early in the morning.
With the Brainiac Sonic Grenade it’s over with teenage-morning-wakeup-stress. Just pull the pin, shout “FIRE IN THE HOLE” and throw it into your child’s room. After 20 seconds, it will emit an unbearably loud noise (speed of sound 770 mph) until the pin is found and replaced. And where is the pin? Of course you are keeping the pin, so the grenade will continue making this horrendously noise until your teenage-sleeping-beauty is getting up to get the pin.

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Mustard Marvin

Invite Marvin to your next party, and he will vomit mustard on your burger.
Don’t panic, take it easy. Now you don’t have to worry about any zombie attacks anymore. It’s just a question of being prepared.

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