The ususal suspects

It’s the guy with blood on his hands, the weird neighbor, the retarded from the trailer park or the psycho who wears lady clothes. I’m talking about the usual suspects in a murder case. I have seen them all; CSI Miami, CSI NY, CSI Las Vegas, Cold Case… And of course it’s the most suspicious looking guy who is guilty. That’s what they want you to believe. But at the end of the movie it turns out to be the nice family dad who is the killer. Why so? Otherwise the movie would end within 5 minutes. They want you to believe that it’s the most suspicious man, the guy with blood all over himself and the knife still in his hands, who is the murderer. Later the big surprise… oh my good, it’s not him, he’s innocent… it’s the babysitter, the teacher, the grandma… “I knew it’s him, I knew it from the beginning”. Yeah, sure you did. Remember it for the next season, then the surprise wont be that chilling.
If there is a murder case in your neighborhood, you know how to avoid being suspected. Just be the most suspicious guy in the neighborhood. We learned that they later in the movie will be declared innocent.

Here are some items which might be helpful in attracting attention. You have to make sure that you are in the spotlight with dirty hands. Remember, the suspicious psycho will go free later on.

Start with the Blood Bath Shower Curtain. In movies many people get murdered in the shower, remember the movie Psycho. These look very bloody and suspicious.

A bloody shower curtain can’t go without a Bloody Bath Mat.

And now to the kitchen. The knife might be the murder weapon. You better get yourself a Bloody Evidence Knife.
The living room must look like there has been a massacre. A Bloody Hand Tablecover will attract a lot of attention. On the window you can put those bloody Halloween Clings.

That should be enough. Now you can relax. If the police check your house, you will look like a psycho freak and be regarded as the usual suspects. But you are safe, because everybody knows that the usual suspects will go free.

All these items are found on Amazon. The links will guide you to the product.


Farila March 8, 2010 at 5:15 PM  

I am very much interested

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