My Daddy is a Hero

I remember I wrote this essay in school “My Daddy is a Hero”. I think I wrote it quite well, so I don’t understand why I got a D. I've never had a chance to ask my teacher. She disappeared without a trace.

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For those, who can´t read a 8 year old claw;

My Daddy is my hero

My daddy is my hero because he saved my mum from going to heaven. My mum would be dead if my daddy wouldn’t bee so brave.
It happened last week. I could hear my mum scream in the bedroom, “Oh God, I’m coming, Oh God I’m coming”. I was so scared. I don’t want my mum to die. I ran into my parent’s bedroom to safe my mum. Her legs were sticking straight up in the air. God tried to pull her up but daddy was on her and pushed her back. He pushed so many times until God let her go.
Now my dad saved my Mum, Aunty Roxana, Granny and Uncle Hubert from going to heaven. Especially Uncle Hubert should be happy, because I believe he was going to hell. He was shouting “Oh hell, that burns” while the devil pulled his arms. But my daddy hold Uncle Hubert’s butt and pulled him back.
When I grow up, I want to be like my daddy.


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