I do, You do, We do, iPoo

How much time do you spend on the toilet in a lifetime? Let’s say you spend average 15 minutes on a daily basis. That’s 5475 minutes or 91 hours a year. In 70 years you spend 6387 hours on the toilet. That’s 266 days on the toilet during your life. If you’ll live to age 90, you’ll have spent an entire year on the toilet. And what are you doing while taking a dump? In my case, I’m looking into a door. And how exciting is that. Can’t imagine doing it 266 days in a lifetime.

There is good news for you who own an iPhone. Get iPoo on your iPhone and you have something to do, while sitting on the toilet and poo.
iPoo application is a social community that will connect you with other Pooers who are taking a dump around the world.

How to get started

Just download the iPoo application and get yourself a profile, I mean poofile.
Now you can create messages and drawings on your virtual stall and share it with other Pooers who takes a dump in your stall.

With The “Stats” you can see how many people poo, how many squares toilet paper has been flushed, how many liters water has been flushed and much more.

Draw graffiti with your finger in your virtual stall.

Share your photos on the “Poo Stream” with other pooers around the world

This and many other features will keep you busy while you are dropping a deuce.

You can get your own iPoo apps at


Anonymous,  April 23, 2010 at 4:40 PM  

Hey, I´m waiting on the toilet... where is everybody

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