Tired of your old dirty toilet? Then have a look at something different.

This Meat toilet is designed by Simone Racheli. Do you think this design of horror is strange? Then visit Simone Racheli`s Gallery and have a look at the meaty -chair, -bikeframe, -iron, -blow dryer and -mixer and you for sure become a vegetarian.

This pretty exemplar is called TwoDaLoo. Have a nice conversation with your friends while doing your bussines. Afterwards flush the toilet together, it conserves our water supply all with one flush... Wow!

$75,000 on the account and dont know how to use them. Then pamper yourself with this "bling bling" toilet, handset with Swarovski crystals and designed by Jemal Wright. And if there`s some pennies left, then design your entire bath with the Jemal Wright bath collection.

Who is able to pee, when somebody is looking directly on your willy? Designing that kind of urinals make no sense, it will just cause bladder pain. But what’s the designers’ intention, putting these urinals in production? According to a Muslim website, these urinals are found in Israel and intended to look like women in Jilbab. They are pissed-off, because Israel is humiliating the Muslims by making fun of the Islamic symbols. But isn’t it a cross they carry around their neck? But only the designer knows the truth, “nuns”, “women in jilbab”, "Madonna" or “Virgin Mary” maybe commissioned by a catholic priest who wanted some flavor to his church.

If you don’t wanna pee on a holy lady, then its now possible to pee in the throat off George W. Bush and see the American flag going down the drain. These amazing urinals are created and hand built by Clark Sorensen.

And if you don’t like to have Bush in your bathroom, there’s a large variety of flower urinals, all created by Clark Sorensen.

Jep, it’s a toilet… and its pink, designed by the Danish designer Ole Jensen. It looks like a large intestine. But, why? So the feces feel welcomed when it swop the host. Somehow it looks like the dilated anus of a pavians red butt. Dont agree, then have a look at that pavians butt. And who wanna sit on something like that? And where’s the toilet seat? Even the ladies gonna stand up and pee! So, I would love to have this toilet.


stugod September 22, 2009 at 11:11 AM  

dont forget to flush ha ha great bog double ha ha

roentarre November 27, 2009 at 1:19 AM  

My God. This is very funny. I am amazed by the design of urinals in here.

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